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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  October 21, 2011 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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good to see you. >> sean: that's all of our time. thank you for being with us. i hope have you a great weekend. see you back here on monday. >> president obama's approval rating plummets. karl rove joins us live. good evening, karl. we are 13 months out, but approval rating, we pay a lot of attention. his numbers are going down. you know, thoughts on the president's new numbers? >> well, he can't be happy, 41% in the 11th quarter of his presidency. this, in the modern era has only been exceeded by jimmy carter, who was at 31% at this point. no president's been re-elected with the polls as low as president obama's are now. the good news for him is that it is the next quarter and the
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quarter after that, the last 3 months of 2011 and the first 3 months of 2012 that seem to have a greater relationship to the outcome. but this is not a good place for the white house to be in. the 262 quarters that gal gallup has done this anal sitsis, this is the bottom 16%. >> it's interesting. he had success with bin laden. we have qaddafi, of course, that's another quarter. nato. but nonetheless, he gets credit. we have anwar al-awlaki. he has had foreign policy, military things that have been extremely favorable, but he doesn't seem to get the bounce. are the approval ratings unrelated to your successes on the battlefield? >> they're related to the principle issues of the time. if the country's dominated by war and you are successful in
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war, your approval ratings rise. however, as in this case, the -- the issue of the day is dominated by jobs and you are not having great success there, you are in trouble. i was taken aback by september 1, washington post/abc poll that showed that 47% said that the president's economic plan -- economic program had not had any effect and 37% said it had actually hurt the economy. so you had over 80% of the people saying what you have done, spending $862 billion on the stimulus program and everything you have done since has not made a positive difference, things are just as bad or they have gotten worse as result of your policies. remember, bin laden was killed in the last quarter. so it should have been reflected in those numbers and whatever he got from the killing of bin laden was small and short. >> if those numbers, as you say,
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i mean, if those are the numbers -- i tell you why the latest jobs plan, which in many ways reflects the stimulus bill of february-09, about half, but 80% didn't like that or feel an impact, he is trying to do stimulus 2 and he won't win those 80% back at all. they are going to say, try something niewsm. >> noose what i put moo my column in the wall street journal. looking at jobs plan, the president is saying, okay, i had a failed stimulus program, so let's try the same thing again. this stimulus 2 has many provisions that are repeats of past policies that have not had an impact. for example, $175 billion, the largest element out of $477 billion 2 plan goes to continue the payroll tax holiday. that undermines the solvency of social security. but since we newted the holiday
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in december, the economy has not gotten appreciably better. why not? temporary measures don't have a permanent impact. so rather than investing or purchasing a new car or whatever, they are using it to pay down their credit card deb, squirrel it away. look, this is not going to work. i have to tell you, there is a vote today, or excuse me, yesterday in congress, on this, in the senate, on the president's measure. he's now taking the stimulus 2 measure and breaking it up and sending it to the congress and obviously, the most powerful, most popular prigz he has is the $35 billion to keep what he says dpreep states from laying off teachers. now, this is really amazing. we ought to read the bills. i read the bill. the original stimulus 2 bill, which they have broken up. there is subtitle b. section 209 says that the secretary of
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education shall not allocate funds to state unless they maintain the state support for k-12 in the aggregate or on the basis of expenditure for people -- per pupil at no less than the state fiscal year of 2011. in other words, have you to spend as much mon ne2012 as you did in 2011. then it says that the state will maintain support for k-12 at the percentage of total revenues available at equal or greater the percentage for state fiscal year 2011. then it goes on to say, have you to do that for 2013 as well, excuse me, 2012 as well. next year. so, i mean, in other words, we have to give $35 billion to the states to keep them from firing teachers, but in order to receive the funds, have you to spend as much money as you spent last year and guarantee you will spend that much money next year. you won't have to fire any teachers in order to get this money, this is to plus up, this is to encourage the state to
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hire more teachers or to pay the bigger salaries. so every working man and woman in america who is struggling to get by will have to pay mon tote government or suffer a big increase in their debt that they're obligated for, nord pay public employees more money and to hire more of them. that doesn't make sense. it's called maintenancive effort and it's in the bill. >> if he doesn't get any traction with the american people of politics, 80% didn't like stimulus 1, 80% not likely to like stimulus 2, if the legislative agenda, he's hitting a wall, even losing democrats, probably the best thing going into the election may be the republican candidates because have you governor romney who can't seem to move his numbers up, herman cain created a little bit of a confusion over his position on abortion, representative bachmann is reported to losing her staff -- i don't know if it's true, but the perception is very effect 95
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politics. governor rick perry has taken a swing or two at each other, that may be what he has going for him is the fact that the republicans don't seem to have a dazzler. >> well, look, we didn't look like we had a dazz fleer 1979, either. jimmy carter went down to defeat. i am absolutely confident that at the end of the day, the republican primary process will nominate somebody who can beat president obama. today, he is losing to romney in the real clear politics polls and a generic republican in the real clear politics average of polls. none of these republicans are as well known or seen as sharply and crisply as the president is. the president's in bad shape today. have you touched on an essential truth. he can't win by running for re-election on the great stimulus program, the spending, the deficit and the doubt he has run up or the affordable care --
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obamacare. he can't run on the big domestic accomplishments so he will be stuck, tryinging to irradiate hs republican opponent. >> tell me this. i am going to give you hypotheticals. speaker gingrich calls up and say, my path to getting the nomination, what did you tell him to do? >> he's had a good debate performance. he has to take the debate performances, in which he has appeared an adult. he set the right tone n. many debates -- it's getting worn when he attacks the media. but he has been shown as the most knowledgeable and well-informed person on the stainless steel. he needs to take it off the stage and put it in town hall meetings in iowa and new hampshire and south carolina. he needs to be as energetic in the campaign in the early states as he is in the 90 minutes on the debate stage and show as much information and as much information and am and experience as he does in the
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debates. but he's virtually invisible in those early states. you can't just win this by showing up for 10 or 12 debates and not impress in the early states in a very aggressive fashion. i was in chicago recently and a guy said to me, newt gingrich isn't going to win. i said, really? that's a pretty strong statement. i said, why do you say that? >> i'm on the board of the museum and saturday, speaker gingrich spent the day looking at the dinosaur collection. you don't spend a saturday in chicago, not an early primary state, looking at the dinosaur collection, you near iowa, new hampshire, south carolina, nevada. >> hypothetical 2, now you are running herman cain's campaign, how does he win in what do you tell him to do? >> you need to get serious and stop shooting yourself.
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his comments on abortion have created questions. how he has handled the rollout of 9-9-9 have created yequestions. he has a very snazzy graphic. this is the average in the real clear politics. herman cain is 26, average of the recent polls, mitt romney, 25.5, perry is 13, gingrich is 9 and ron paul is 8 1/2. it was rudy guiliani in front and a distant third was john mccain. this is the good news. the bad news is that if you look inside the average and look at the polls, it appears that herman cain had peaked between the sixr 6th and 10th of october and now he has been sliding in the polls and will probably move behind mitt romney in the next round of polls, unless his debate performance
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last week gave him a boost rather than a decline. i think it did give him a decline. he was beat up pretty bad about 9-9-9 and he hasn't been able to artfully defend it and the comments on abortion are going to add to the problems. focus on a message, stick to the message. explain it. look informed and don't talk off the cuff in a way that gets -- raises questions in people's minds as to whether or not you are up to the job. >> and congressman ron paul. he has a lot of people who are very passionate about him. if you run his campaign, how do do you this one? >> well, look, he does have a small group that is very passionate about him. in fact, tonight he is finishing up a so-called month money bomb, an internet fund-raiser to raise him several million dollars. the problem is, again, i am not sure -- he goes to iowa and new hampshire and south carolina, not as much as he probably should. but he should do more, but he seems to have an message and
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evens that only take theem who are already for him and recorrect them. he needs to broaden the base and figure out a message. they are passionate and well organized. but they seem to spend a lot of time talking to themselves and he spends a lot of time talking to them and not people outside of those universes. >> senator santorum? what do you do for him? >> iowa? spend all of your time in iowa. he's had good debate performances, except the other night, i think he was too aggressive and over the top. he looked unpleasant. you have to launch your attacks, but have you to launch your attacks in a way that people don't -- don't like the attacker or the attack. he has to camp out in iowa and hope to break through. herman cain gave him an advantage. now he has, you know, his principle opposition in iowa are cain and bachmann, he has to grab people who are for them.
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herman cain by saying what he said about abortion, has created an opening for him. we'll see if he can pick up some support. >> governor sarah palin is not running. but a lot of people are angling for her endorsement. if you get her endorsement, how do you use that? >> well, you need to try to work her network. look, endorsements are great, but you get half half the supporters and all of their detractors. so it is good to get 'em. but you need to make the best use of it by having them work their networks or work your network in a way to encourage additional support. when romney got chris christie's endorsement, i thought it was interesting that same day that the romney campaign sent out to its donors a fund-raising appeal from chris christie. i thought that was a smart move. since then, there -- he hasn't
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campaigned with him aggressively. it's because he wants him to touch his own network. >> cacialtion always nice to see you. this is going to be a fascinating, fascinating race because it's far from over. thank you, karl. >> you bet. thank you. >> straight lady, why is the energy department lending more of your money, $525 million? and if it's such a winner, such a great investment, why does the company need our mony? why are the private investors? does sound funny. where are the private investors? and mexico's president is blaming the united states, saying we are dumping criminals on him. we have a live report. and a dice roller, president obama's getting our troops out of iraq by december 31. what's next? well, that's at this time problem. we it don't know. and it is a big worry. ambassador john bolten is here
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>> the energy department strikes again. this is not chump change, it's a half billion dollars to create american manufacturing job, but the cars are not being built in
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the united states, at least not this year. joe stevens joins us. nice to see you. controversy about the car. where are the jobs? >> well, about 100 jobs are in california at the headquarters. >> that's the united states. >> that's the united states. but the car's being assembled in finland, of all places. >> why? >> the company says that they could not find someone to build it here. they don't have a factory, for this high-end sports car. they said three companies they approached declined to build it. they don't know why, maybe because they are a competitor. and so they went to europe because they have a history of building on contract for other companies. >> when you say they go to the other car company, a red flag goes up with me because if it's a great deecialtion they want to cut in on the deal and be part of the next generation of the cars. that's a bad sign. i know that some people are tourious that cars being built in finland.
10:20 pm
i look at whether we got taken -- again. so i think, you know, the fact that -- that's peculiar to me. this is a privately owned company, right? >> right. >> that's another red flag for me. if this is such a great deal, where are the private investors? >> well, they have raised money through private investment firms, cliner perkinds and clean technology, green energy, a lot of rich guys in there, they have put mony into it. but the taxpayers have put in a half billion. >> there are a lot of rich guys with a lot of money. ifs this is such a great deal, they want to get in and make all the money. so there is a reason why they have to go to the taxpayers. it isn't that great of a deal? >> it's tough time, overall. it's very tough times for the auto industry -- >> and for the american people. >> and for the mish people. the administration says they hope this will jump start the company and create a lot of jobs down the line. they have a factory in delaware
10:21 pm
now. they are going to make it a cheaper, more family-oriented car. the sports car is $100 grand a pop, very high end. they say their next model will be a smaller, family car that they will make here. >> you know what i don't like, it's a privately held company. if this were a publicly held company that needed a big boost and everybody could make a lot of money, but i mean, on the one hand, yost them to fail because it's our money. but if they do succeed, there are a couple of rich guys in some public offering later that will make a ton of money because of generosity of the american people, which we had no choice in. >> right, right. now, hopefully, they will make money and pay back the loan. >> there is that aspect eye mean, i am making the assumption they will pay back the loan. maybe that's foolish. why was this company chosen? are there any political connections? >> the administration, department of energy says they
10:22 pm
chose them purely on the merits, but cliner perkins has a big stake, silicon valley. they have given a lot of mon tote democrats. one partner is a guy named al gore so they are connected. but they say they didn't call in any chips on this. >> which means it was not necessarily, quote, crooked, but to be scrutinized when it has connections. >> sure, sure. >> so how many jobs do we expect to get out of this? what's the pitch? >> they are expecting to create something in the neighborhood of 2600 jobs. >> when? >> when they get the factory up and running in delaware, maybe next year. they are behind what they originally projected. >> that's other red flag. why invest in a company that is behind, that stops building their cars here, that have been rejected by the automakers here and private investors don't want to go any further on a limb? i wouldn't invest -- i wouldn't put my own mon nethat? >> they had originally said, the
10:23 pm
earliest projections, they said by september 2011, they hope to have produced 11,000 cars. >> how many have they produced? >> they have 40 in the u.s. right now. >> 4-0. there's another red flag. there are so many red flags here. taxpayer moan, i don't know why some get tsome don't. but there will be more to this, i'm sure that we wouldlur love to learn. maybe there is an explanation. nice to see you. >> nice to see you. >> rupert murdoch and his son survive a shareholderrer challenge to their control in the wake of the phone-hacking allegations. some shareholderrers -- shareholders had called for their ousters. murdoch apologized for the practices of the british newspaper and news corp subsidiary reached a $3.2 million settlement with the family of mili dowler, after the
10:24 pm
company admitted to hacking the murdered teenager's phone. news corporation is the parent company of the fox newschannel. >> coming up, mexico's president calderone is blaming us again, one of mexico's most prosperous cities is one of itsdi deadliest. and our troops in iraq will be home for the holidays. great news for the families. but could iran move in and take over? over? john [ male announcer ] ntgomery and abigail haggins had a tree that borthe most rare and magical fruit, which provided for their every financial need. [ thunder rumbling ] [ thunder crashing ] and then, in one blinding blink of an eye, their tree had gen its last. butith their raymond james finanal advisor, they had prepared for even the unthinkable. ♪ and they danced.
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>> mexico's president is blaming the united states -- again. president calderone says the united states is dumping criminals at his border and even assigns a motive, saying the united states is doing it because it's cheaper than having us prosecute the criminals. this week, ominous signs that mexico's drug war is getting worse -- if that's possible. more than 30 people killed in the resort town of monterey where steve hariggan is. steve? >> reporter: greta, at least 30 people killed right here in monterey, and another 5 today. and what's alarming is the way people are being killed. we have had two car bombs in the past week here. certainly tactics reminiscent of
10:29 pm
terrorist tactics in iraq and afghanistan. we have been here to monitor the investigation into one of the worst tragedies, one of the worst attacks here in mexico's history, a fire set by a drug cartel in a casino. that left 52 civilians dead. the brutality was blatant. we have talked to people who survived and they said that the gunmen came in and poured gasoline on the tables and said, you're all dead. you're all means senior citizen women in there on a thursday afternoon, playing bingo. it marks also, the expansion of these drug cartels. they're not just about drugs anymore. they are into extortion here, extorting ordinary businesses in a heavy way. so they are really -- their duties and obligations and methods of collecting money is expanding. they are a deeply rooted organized crime organization, more than just running drugs into the u.s., greta. >> steve, there is a threat today -- not a threat, i mean the statement by president
10:30 pm
calderone that the united states is dumping criminals on his borders. do you have any more information on his accusations? >> reporter: well, certainly the statistics do show that of the number of deportations, about 400,000 from the u.s. to mexico, as many as 50% of the deportations of mexicans with criminal record, misdemeanor or felony. it's one of a long series of complaints by mexican officials to point the blame toward the united states, whether it is for the transportation of weapons into mexico or for the demand of illegal narcotics usage. it points to a sense of frustration in the calderone government. here, you have had a president who tried to take on the drug cartel, head on the federal past five years, that's the central policy of his calderone government. and the results are really mixed or dismal, depending who you ask. have you 43,000 people killed, an enormous level of violence, like a war zone and the cartels
10:31 pm
near power and seem to be growing stronger. there is a deep sense of frustration and agony in the government, but really agony on the street when you talk to people, we spent some time with the mother who lost a son in the fire. a real sense of fear and a sense that things could be getting worse. the big question is, will this country opt to continue the fight to fight these cartels head on? or will a wearyness of the war and of the death toll, force them to change policy and perhaps try to reach some accommodation with the billion-dollar gangs. >> steve, people know that you are traveling, have you covered wars all over the war, afghanistan, iraq, everywhere else, we have car bombs in mexico. is it safe to say that this is a lot like the other wars that have you covered? >> reporter: you know, it feels eerily similar. our driver started to talk about
10:32 pm
hot zone, areas where we couldn't drive. it's a term used often in afghanistan or in iraq. i mean, we are at the point where we are not using security all the time or armord vehicles, but that could be changing. you do get a sense when you go out here in the evening, it's really a ghosttown. the question is whether these drug cartels are terrorists or not. technically, many professors would tell you, they are not terrorists, they are not trying to overthrow the government, they are just trying to make money. but they are using car bombs and trying to scare everybody-- the police, military and journalists and people. it is working. people here are terrified. >> steve, thank you. tonight, we are showing you the new technology used to protect our border, the border patrol is flying unmanned predator aircraft. griff jenkins has an inside look at the high-tech planes. >> reporter: this is the director of air operations for
10:33 pm
the customs and border protections unmanned air surveillance program here in arizona. director, have you quite an impressive airplane, have you three here. tell us about them. >> correct. we have three m29 predator aircraft with the expectation for a fourth delivery in february. we sprat operate from yuma, arizona, to the big bend, area of texas and conduct nightly operations in supporting the u.s. border patrol or other agencies that require our assistance. >> reporter: these are the predator bee, as they are known, used in iraq and afghanistan. but on the border, how successful are they? how important are they to the border operations that we see going on today, which seems to be certainly, in the arizona border area, more successful and apprehensions and finding the drug smullers? >> they are integral. thep.m. program's new and
10:34 pm
growing. it adds a new dimension in that border security is moving toward an intelligence paradigm. we react to things that happen on the border. in the intelligence world, like the military, you try to start anticipating where thins are changing. and this asset is absolutely paramount, where we can anticipate new activities and react accordingly, instead of waiting for it to happen and apply a force to it. >> reporter: how does it work? >> well, the predator bee is an unmanned aircraft system, which means just that, there is nobody sitting in it, but it doesn't mean nobody's fly tsmg i like to think of it as uninhabited, not unmanned. we will show you the ground control station. instead of the traditional airplane, where you move the controls from within, we control it via electric signal. so instead of cables and hydraulics, we use electronic signals through a transmitter or a satellite to control the airplane and execute the mission. >> reporter: and what are the
10:35 pm
capabilities of this plane? >> well, the primary capability is its persistent surveillance. one tank of gas, we can fly over 21 hours on the same fuel load we would use for a standard corporate jet. the corporate jet to do the same mission, would take six flights. so woo it allowsitous stay aloft, persistently remain and collect data and execute a mission that a manned airplane would have to refuel or land or talk about leap frog. you are able to stay on the threat for the entire time. >> we are inside ground control, where the predator's flown from and mission exploitation is executed. most people walk in and they look and they go, wow, it's a burch of tv monitors and computers. in actuality, that's what it is. >> >> reporter: in the video, the surveil asbestos that you are gathering, could be seen remotely by someone, say, in
10:36 pm
nogales or on the border as well? >> correct. there are several ways of doing that. you can strip the data off from the satellite link, if you have the access and the encrypt yen. we have an internal internet feed, so if someone has access, the video feed can be fed to anyone who has a terminal through the net. so my boss in washington, d.c. can see what's going on in arizona or the northern border at any time. keyboard, believe it or not, most of the functionality is from a keyboard. fiwant tourn turn the lights on, i would go and hit the keys. that's the challenge, in the way this is designed. when you get in an airplane and the switches are always, typically, they don't move. if the landing lights, my fuel pumps, they are all switches somewhere. this is all driven by menus and m-keys and they for layered. so you have to learn what the m-keys do. fiwanted to turnt lights on, i
10:37 pm
would hit this switch and this switch. i have to go into one menu and go to a deeper menu. that's the challenge of it being driven like a computer, more than an airplane. i taxi out, i am looking out the front, i control the nose steering with the pedals below. when gito take off, my flight information's occupant screen to include air speed, altitude, engine rpm, i push the throttle and at speed, i rotate and fly out. >> here's what's coming up after this show on the "the o'reilly factor." >> these occupy wall street rotesters attacking tv newspeople. we have videotape. and the flat tax -- is that good for us? lou dobbs will have the pros and cons, coming up. >> should we be nervous? what happens when we leave iraq in december? is iran going to move in? that's next. and the white house gets a
10:38 pm
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♪ nationwide is on your side ( laughing ) it's actually a pretty good day whenou consider. that's great. >> from america's news headquarters, i'm marianne rafferty. the saudi crowned prince has died. he was first in line to succeed ailing saudi king abdullah who is hospitalized following back surgery. the sultan died from colon cancer at new york presbyterian hospital. he was the longest serving defense minister. his death clears the way to the royal suck sekz session for his half brother, a hardliner who running the powerful ministry of interior. >> a dog has picked up the scent of a dead body in the bedroom of her parents. soil in the backyard looked as if it had been recently disturbed. 10-month-old lisa irwin has been
10:43 pm
missing since october 4. her parents insist they had nothing to do with her disappearance. now back to "on the record." >> news about iraq, the president announcing all -- yes all u.s. forces will be withdrawn from iraq by the end of the year. many are cheering the president's decision, but many are not. ambassador john bolten joins us. i take tudont like the way this is unfolding. >> i think this is a mistake. i think the president made the decision that he was going to have all american forces out by the end of the 2011 before he was inaugurated. i think the negotiations we have seen over the past couple of months were efforts by the defense department to try to salvage something. i think the president wanted to be able to say that he had been had withdrawn all american forces and ended this war. he has done that. and the consequences, i think will be substantially negative for the united states, will be his responsibility. >> all right.
10:44 pm
one category. are we taking out all contractors, are we stopping the paycheck contractors? i wonder, we pull the troops and we send our private security in and pay more and we have trainerred these people first. >> i think there may be security. there is security for the u.s. embassy and for contractors. but they will not be full fling filling the functions that should be fulfilled by troops say staying there in substantial numbers. >> but we are not putting out troops and putting in contractors to take on the troops' responsibility. >> not for trainers or certainly for security purposes. >> i guess the big fear is that we move out, iran moves in. >> the sign that this shows is that we have given up. this is treated as a withdrawal. it is not as dishonorable as the way we withdrew from vietnam. >> why is this seen that way? >> because we have -- we have lost influence over the government in iraq and it is not just obama's fault. this agreement was signed inuent
10:45 pm
08 during the bush administration. but other arab countries in the region see this as the beginning of a withdrawal that may pull us out of bahrain and quitar. >> we are still in germany. we near japan. >> many people think -- out of the eu, it is the most successful economy. a lot of people think that germany should be handling itself, that japan should. at what point -- would you say it's time to leave iraq. >> you can have a good discussion about germany. if we pulled out of germany nine years after wing world war ii. 1954, not the most optimal time in light of cold war circumstances. that's what a president should decide on. what's the geostrategic reality? not an arbitrary deadline that may serve him in domestic
10:46 pm
politics -- >> fair enough. there are two issues. what is in our interest to stay and what is iraq, what are iraq's considerations? although i think ours are paramount. what are your parameters for that? >> i think there are several reasons to stay. one, because of the risk that iran will now attempt to assert far more influence in iran and i think successfully. second, because being in iraq is critical to stability in the region as a whole because of the threat from iran, because of the uncertainty caused by the arab spring. and i think our inability to understand this is something that does go back over an extended period of time and it unnervous our other friends in the region. >> how would we have stayed longer -- >> he never should have struck that agreement. >> nonetheless, it's there. we got t. that's it. if president obama and the iraqi government will not give
10:47 pm
immunity to our troops past january 1, what are our options? what was the president's option? >> well, if you say, what are your options in the last three months of negotiation, when the leverage is all against you and the deadline is looming, when this question of immunity for me is a deal breaker, then it's very hard to find a way out of it. that's why i believe the president always wanted to get everybody out by the end of the year and he allowed the negotiations to collapse. so the mistakes have been made over a protracted period of time. have you to go back to earlier than last week to try to figure out what fodo. but you apply pressure on the government of iraq. we created that government. i am not fastidious about a hands-off, you know, sovereign nation, a sovereign nation relationship, this is our security at stake. we just did not exercise our leverage adequately, since everybody's coming out. >> are they going to fight among
10:48 pm
themselves? or will it be like iran? >> i think iran will do what it can, but i think there is every reason to believe between the sunnis and the kurds, we will see the country descend into civil war. that's the most unbelievable thing. everything our brave forces fore fought and died for could come unstuck here. >> thank you, sir. >> thank you. >> straight ahead, a familiar face in the briefing room, a famous comedian about to address the nation. and it takes detective work the hunt for a stolen classic car leads to an unexpected place. [ male announcer ] drinking a smoothie with no vegetable nutrition? ♪ [ gong ] strawberry banana! [ male announcer ] for a smoothie with real fruit plus veggie nutrition new v8 v-fusion smoothie. could've had a v8.
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>> you have seen our top stories, but here's the absolute best of the rest. comedian will farrell showed up in the white house briefing room, posing for photos. the actor is in washington for the mark twain awards. farrell will receive the award for american humor at the kennedy center on sunday. and this story does not sound like a movie plot, but it is real and it ends very well. after more than 20 years, a georgia woman has been reunited with her long, lost sisters. you see, tira rice found out she
10:53 pm
had been sold as a baby. her biological mother couldn't take care of her at the time. so decades later, she hired a private detective to find her biological family. all they had to go on was a hospital bracelet and a photo. she fits right in with her family. now, a reunion of a slightly different kind. a missouri man has been reunited with -- who else -- his classic car. edward neely's chevy camaro was stolen 16 years ago and he saw it for sale online in utah. turns out, the seller was also a victim. the seller had bought it online, not knowing it was stolen. tonight, in neely is reunited with his beloved camaro. it is back home. and you will need a big aptied tight for this one. a michigan restaurant is cooking up a 350-pound sportsgrill, hole
10:54 pm
hoping to break its own record. now they are setting their sights on the 350 pounder, which will take 20 hours to make, it includes 20 pounds of cheese, 15 pounds of tomatoes and 10 pounds of bacon, among other toppings. no word if the burger officially broke the record. but here you have it, the best of the rest. your last call before we turn down the lights. if you thought you got a taste of the arizona state fair last night, you haven't seen anything yet because we have one more surprise for you. you don't want to miss t. yes, it's gross.
10:55 pm
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10:59 pm
maggot sandwich. >> is he brave enough to eat a maggot sandwich? >> will you have a bite of that? >> you're going to like these. and i got a bite of something for you. >> and this is a moggot melt. it's good protein. >> no way. >> come on, have a bite. >> thank you. >> you don't like maggot sandwiches? >> take a bite, guys. do you want a bite, boss? >> no. i just -- i am now a vegan. >> are they move something. >> they're wiggling. >> yum! >> i can't believe i'm eating maggots. it's crunchy. >> so disgusting. i can't believe griff ate that. that is so gross. that is our last call and yes, those were


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